Belize Update 2015

Thank you all for your prayers for our Belize team. This trip was the most anointed, spirit-filled trip I believe Princess Warriors has ever taken. God showed up and He showed off in a very BIG way! Our accommodations were modest but the surroundings were incredible. Situated in the center of the Belizean Rainforest, we were surrounded by horses, toucans, peacocks and other interesting wildlife. There was never a dull moment and always something to see. After settling in and having our nightly praise and worship we were ready for action!! Friday we held a conference for missionaries and leaders of local women’s groups. It is such an honor to be able to minister to these ladies who pour out everyday for the sake of the gospel. We had encouraging speakers who spoke on unity and love. We sang, we had lunch, we broke bread in communion, we prayed, we anointed their feet to spread the gospel, we encouraged and we edified. After the conference Karen Brockinton prayed over our team, she prayed both corporately and individually. for us. All were blessed by her words of knowledge.

We packed up and drove to a church in town that evening and ministered to over 170 young girls from the surrounding area at our JPW conference. The alter call was amazing! We held hurting children and prayed for hours. Most were abused abandoned and living in area foster homes. To be able to encourage and minister to these children was an honor. We brought some to the Lord and we encouraged others who felt rejected and abandoned to know more deeply the Fathers Love!

Saturday was another all day women’s retreat at the Baptist Training Center. We added a couple of the new ladies on our team to the speaking line up and they did an outstanding job! During the first alter call we prayed for many women. It was an anointed blessed and covered time. During our final alter call we were led to impart ministry gifts. This was incredible, as ladies hungry for more of Jesus stood in each line waiting for all He had to offer them. Gifts of leadership were imparted, compassion, teaching, prophecy and the gift of love.

Sunday we enjoyed a very refreshing service at LifeNet church, Bel mo pan, Lee and Robyn Brockinton’s church. Followed by and an afternoon horseback ride. It was a refreshing time.

Monday we were off again to San Ignacio for another conference. The conferences always followed our general format of praise and worship, speakers, lunch and prayer, each time leaving room for the Holy Spirit to move and anoint our time. The prayer time was intense, healings and impartations took place again. As we did these impartations and the leaders began to surface we embraced them and they embraced us. As the week went on we were staying in touch with ladies who are leaders in their churches and they were fired up for Jesus!!! Our goal is, of course to share the gospel but also to disciple these women and encourage them to go into their churches and communities and become leaders!! We saw it all around us!! God raising up leaders!!

The next day was our day of rest and relaxation. We climbed the Mayan Ruins and had an awesome time as sisters!! Encouraging each other and laughing and talking. We had been invited to lunch at the home of Rosella Plett in the Mennonite Community of Spanish Lookout. This was one of those special moments only the Holy Spirit can orchestrate. She had attended two of our conferences and brought a special friend, Trudy to our JPW conference. Trudy, was 18 years old and was severely twisted and crippled at birth. We were all IN LOVE with Trudy’s, sweet, fighting spirit. She was an encouragement to all of us. This day was her 19th birthday and we were invited to share it with her!! We were a “tad” late to lunch that day which led to several divine appointments. Sandra, who lived with the Plett family drove the children home from school, being a “tad” late for lunch we were still there. Sandra had been deaf since birth… Hmmm we all took one look at this situation and all began praying silently in the spirit, begging God for her hearing. During our lunch , Leona one of the leaders we were encouraging, who had been part of a church split which divided her family and the Plett family was waiting for us at an ice cream store to discuss her involvement with PW in 2016. She became tired of waiting for us and drove to Rosella’s home. Leona was excited to talk with us about how she could begin a Princess Warrior’s group in their community that consisted of all different churches and denominations. Simultaneously we began to pray in groups on this porch. Some prayed intensely for Trudy to walk without her walker. We prayed for Sandra to hear. Our leadership team took Leona and Rosella aside and prayed for them to join forces in leadership, to begin a similar group as ours and to bring their church’s women together. God showed up this day!! After corporate prayer and many silent and spoken and unspoken prayers for Sandra’s hearing, she heard! She began to shake her hands beside her ears and her expression was one I will never forget, sheer amazement!! Trudy began to run, with her walker and assured us that her legs felt stronger than ever before! Rosella and Leona united in the spirit, agreed to join their women together and begin the healing process. This was a blessed and amazing R and R, lunch date, for PW.

The next day was just as God ordained and anointed. We went to the site where The Gomer House will one day stand. This will be a house for women who are rescued from slave trafficking. We had a special prayer walk with the leaders and prayed over them and their plans. The afternoon was spent with Pastor Lee in a Mayan Village. We entered the homes of sick and home-bound people to pray with them. In one very modest, very open home a man lay in a hammock. He had been injured and had become sick and unable to move for a few days. We prayed with him and anointed his leg and foot that had kept him being mobile. After we prayed a sweet young Mayan woman spoke up and said “I saw in a vision that you were coming and would pray and put this “medicine” on his leg”. We were stunned!! God had gone before us! We prayed again in another home for a mother who was very ill and as we walked outside we were met with a very young boy who said, ” I know that she is well now, I “felt” her healing as you were praying!” Such an amazing thing to know the Holy Spirit goes before you, is always with you, and that He remains behind, to continue the work He called us to do!!

We are home, rested and praising HIM for all the fruit we saw and will see. We have plans to fill the stadium next year for our conference, March 9, 2016. Will you join us?

Teresa Kunich, Director of Missions

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