Day 3 in Belize 2015

Set the Captives Free

The morning started off with a beautiful time of lifting up the missionary women here in Belize. We heard incredible messages about unity in the church and the power of the Holy Spirit.  There was an amazing anointing on the room.  But I think the biggest blessings was the sweet time of prayer.  As we poured into them and reminded them that they were loved and not alone, the Holy Spirit shook the place. When we were wrapping up the true blessing came when they all stood up and asked if they could pray for us and pour into us and wow did they ever. As we prayed in unity in the upper room the atmosphere was changed.

We had 45 minutes to regroup from there and begin to prepare for  the youth JPW conference. In the morning event a women spoke the word of God to me and said “Set The Captives Free.”  The Lord said I have healed you now go and speak about this miracle. As we literally rewrote the night in the 45 minutes there was no doubt the spirit was ready to be unleashed on this night. From the very first word spoken in the welcome when Pastor Skipper pulled out a rap and had the girls on the feet, to the ending alter call where dozens of girls accepted Christ, were encouraged that God loved them and were delivered and healed.

The energy was electrified by the Spirit as Shauna brought the message of who influences you? Is it the Holy Spirit? You have the ability to choose life or death so let’s choose life and set the captives free!

Next we heard the beautiful testimony of Carmen, a true story of being set free. For the first time Nikki came to the pulpit and spoke life over these girls and shared with them that the lies they are believing are straight from the pits of hell and that the truth is God’s word impressed upon their heart. We then spent some time in small groups and were privileged to hear the testimony of Lisel. Next, Stephanie led us in an alter call to exchange the lie for the truth and be set Free tonight, and the heavenly skies opened wide. The girls began to come one after the other and there are no words to explain what God did next, the closest thing would be “He Set the Captives Free!”

Shauna Shea

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