Day 6 in Belize 2015

Praise The Lord. Another beautiful morning awaking at Banana Bank Lodge. The jungle setting and sweet sound of birds chirping that we awoke to was a gift from The Lord. We stepped out of our cabana surrounded by horses and beautiful pink flowers. We then grabbed breakfast on the run as we left really early at 6:30 am en route to The Aguada hotel in Santa Elena to put on our last women’s conference of the week.

Doug and Melanie Flores and Alida Sharp led us in worship and their beautiful voices invoked a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. We were all on our feet passionately praising the Lord. Jennifer provided a cheerful introduction and led into Lisa’s testimony which really touched my heart and moved me to tears. Stephanie’s speech was “sound the trumpet” based on Joel, Chapter 2 which was a very empowering message. Danielle also gave a very powerful testimony covering God’s healing, particularly in her daughter and father’s life, and the power that we have through Jesus. This touched many hearts.

We had a beautiful lunch outside in the garden with all the guests. After lunch, Shirley sang Psalm 19 so beautifully to us, just like King David did in years past. Lauren led us in a discussion on freedom in Christ and comparing and contrasting it to political freedom, true freedom being when man’s law aligns with God’s law. Veronica then led us in communion. We had many of the ladies come up to pray with us and the prayers were very powerful. Praise The Lord for His goodness and healing for so many ladies who had a broken spirit and needed much healing, hope and renewal. He not only heals those we minister to but heals our own hearts at the same time, growing more in love with Him and others. It was truly a victory for the heavenly kingdom.

We returned back to Banana Bank for a delicious dinner prepared by Christilla, Joseph, Dina, and Rosario who we all just fell in love with. After dinner, we gathered in the Upper Room for praise to worship our loving God before returning to bed after a very long but amazing day! Blessed and so thankful.

Michelle Myhre

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